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Gathering Information

The user data will be collected for communication purposes only between Lofts Liberdade and the user. We do not sale or give user information to any third party. 

Information Property

The responsibility for the collection and processing data is from Lofts Liberdade.

Information access

The access to the information is restricted. Personal data are confidential and are addressed to your process booking order and as well as to prepare future direct marketing actions promoted by Lofts Liberdade only. Any user may at any time request the rectification or deletion of their personal data.


What is a Cookie or Cookies?

“Cookies” are code files that are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile, through the browser that stores information related to browsing preferences in order to optimize the experience with the website.

What are Cookies for?

They purpose is to gather information to allow, for example, that a shopping cart works keeps storing the previously chosen products. So, a cookie stores useful information of interest, allowing a more rapid and efficient navigation, eliminating the need to enter repeatedly the same data.

Type of cookies used on this website

- Session Cookies: temporary cookies that remain on your browser’s cookie file until you leave the website. Usually this information is used to allow a better browsing experience based on a data accessed. It also allows identifying navigation problems enabling its resolution.
- Strictly necessary Cookies: they allow to browse on the website and use its functions, as well as, to access safe areas. Without these cookies the services you have requested cannot be provided.
- Analytics Cookies: usually used to create aggregated and not personalized information (anonymous) about website usage statistics;
- Functionality Cookies: these allow website indentifies you and load your profile based on that information. For example start a login session started when returning to the website without the need to login again each time you visit then website.

The user when using this website is expressly accepting the Access and Use Terms as described above.

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